Masonry Contractors in Worcester MA

What Do Masonry Contractors Do?

Masons work with different materials such as concrete, bricks, and stones to install patios, chimneys, retaining walls, and homes. Their expertise in various fields is a resource that is largely untapped for business owners and homeowners. Even the most basic feature has the potential to enhance spaces. Examples of these can include stone veneer accent walls to improve interior designs or a beautiful pathway to enhance curb appeal.


Masons are known for three different types of specialties, and some of these professionals will have qualifications and experience for all three. This includes concrete, brick, and stone. 

The brick masons work with bricks, which include veneers, solid, manufactured or real. These professionals go by the name of “bricklayers”. These processes involve precision and care as the lines are usually extremely uniform and not forgiving when it comes to mistakes. The most common installations typically include patios, walls, columns, fireplaces, and chimneys. 

Commonly referred to as stoneworkers, these individuals work with manufactured and natural stone along with veneer products. Some of the installations that these masons work with include walls, facades on residential homes, along with exterior and interior flooring. The stoneworkers have the skills to manipulate materials to match up to any look or design. 

The concrete masons specialize in working with block and poured concrete. The pouring process typically involves leveling and finishing, along with managing the effects of the weather while the cement is hardening. The concrete workers also work with different metal reinforcements that are in some cases needed to support these installations. The common projects that concrete masonry contractors work with include walls, driveways, columns, and sidewalks. 

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When it comes to interior applications, veneer products have become a popular choice to achieve a certain look. Veneers are much lighter when compared to bricks or natural stones, which also means they are a lot easier to work with and install. Veneers also cost less as they contain less brick or natural stone. Transporting these materials is also a lot easier. 

Chimney And Fireplace Masonry

A fireplace involves more than a hole featured in a wall where you burn wood. Your fireplace can act as an attractive hearth when it comes to your home. Expert and skilled work can go a long way towards creating a beautiful impression for these types of features. There are very few other places within a home that can display the differences between cheap imitations and the work of authentic masonry.

Retaining Or Garden Walls

These are shorter walls that either hold sloping lawns or frame a garden. There are various materials that are used for these types of installations. Some examples include using manufactured or natural stone, a veneer or brick built around a core made of concrete. 

Walkways And Patios

Using the right professionals provides a way to transform your outdoor space into one connected whole while providing you with additional living spaces when you add a stone or brick walkway or patio. There are also other landscaping projects in addition to these common installations that often add curb appeal and value to properties. 

Stone Or Brick Steps

The average costs for stone step installations are around $2,200. These prices range from just over $1,000 up to $12,000. Brick steps generally cost between $150 to $300 per step. 

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