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The Worcester Concrete Services team takes every one of our Worcester area clients seriously. We’re committed to doing the best possible work on every job, big or small. We cover every sort of concrete work, including driveways, sidewalks, slab work, and patios. We are eager to be your partner in all of your concrete flatwork. We will give you the finest possible results at a price you’ll like.

A poured slab for a garage foundation is typically four inches thick, with the edges turned down to a greater, 12-inch thickness. The thickness of the slab and the proper reinforcement materials can be adjusted depending on the type of vehicles to be housed in the garage. We will ensure your garage slab is designed for long-lasting structural integrity.

We can put a hand trowel finish on any of our Worcester concrete slabs. This finish uses steel trowels to increase the density of the surface and produce a smooth, consistent surface.

Here, the name is fairly self-explanatory. We use a broom to produce a quick, consistent texture across the surface of your slab. A broom finish produces an attractive look, and the texture left behind adds traction and improves drainage.

A decorative finish on a concrete slab delivers an attractive surface that’s tremendously durable and needs very little maintenance.

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Workmanship Warranty

The Worcester Concrete Services team handles every job with the highest possible professional standards. We stand behind all of our workmanship. Furthermore, we work closely with the manufacturers who provide our concrete and other materials so that only the highest-quality products are used on your job.

Factors beyond human control can cause concrete damage. Examples of damage sources include inclement weather, chemicals like de-icers, and wear and tear from vehicles.

Our warranty on our concrete workmanship has the following qualifications for ordinary damage:


Concrete inevitably cracks over time. Our warranty does not cover minor cracks, defined as those less than half an inch wide or deep. This is a standard construction industry definition. 

Shifting & Settling

Settling and shifting is another problem that becomes inevitable on a long enough timeline. While we will do everything we can to make the soil beneath your concrete as suitable as possible, it may change over time and cause shifting and settling. This is why we have to exempt shifting and settling from our warranties.

Flaking & Popping

The process of weathering can degrade the finish of a concrete slab over time. Flaking and popping can change the texture of the surface and expose aggregate material. In general, flaking and popping do not compromise the integrity of a concrete slab. As per industry standards, we consider flaking and popping normal wear and tear as long as less than 20 percent of the total surface is affected.


Every batch of concrete that is mixed is unique. While we do our best to match colors between existing and new concrete, we cannot guarantee an exact match.

For the most diligent engineers, experienced work teams, and commitment to customer service, you should always consider Worcester Concrete Services when you need Worcester concrete services. Get started now by calling us for a free estimate.

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