Concrete Sidewalks in Worcester MA

Worcester Concrete Services is among the best service providers when it comes to concrete sidewalks for your Worcester home. We have earned our excellent reputation due to a number of reasons, which includes our emergency 24-hour service along with our convenient weekend hours. 

Our concrete contractors know and care about the fact that the services we provide need to match up to our client’s schedules. So why settle for standard concrete services when we are here to offer you the best. 

Sidewalks For Your Worcester Home

There are countless reasons as to why a concrete sidewalk is a popular choice for the homes in Worcester.

There is also the option to change the appearance of your sidewalk with different designs and colors. Colored and stamped concrete completely changes visual aesthetics when it comes to concrete surfaces. 

What Causes Concrete To Crack?

There are many reasons why concrete will crack. Here is a list of some of the potential causes:

A Missing Crushed Stone Base

When the crushed stone-base is missing, concrete slabs become more prone to environmental forces such as soil movement, or water that washes the subgrade away.

No Control Joints

A control joint is a line that is tooled or cut into a slab when placing the concrete. These joints won’t necessarily stop cracking from occurring in the slab, but they do assist in planning where your concrete will eventually crack. 

Incorrect Concrete Mix

Everything from the temperature, air, and water content needs to be precise when mixing concrete. Today, the latest concrete-mix designs that are supplied by experienced concrete companies usually do not result in cracking.

No Construction Joints

A construction joint is used for connecting separate slabs. Without construction joints, the slabs may push up against each other or slip. This can result in tripping hazards and cracking.

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