Concrete Foundation Laying in Worcester MA

Concrete Foundation Laying

At Worcester Concrete Services, the team of professionals that pour concrete foundations for our clients is committed to delivering exceptional quality for every Worcester, MA job, big and small. Count on us to produce the durable, long-lasting foundation that will give your structure the long-lasting support it needs

The foundation is an indispensable element in every structure. The foundation is the key connection that ties the building to the ground, and it plays an essential role in making the building stable and secure. Concrete foundations distribute the weight of a structure evenly across the ground, preventing overloading and subsidence. Concrete is particularly suited to strong foundation work because of its exceptional durability. A building’s foundation needs to last for decades, and concrete can get the job done.

This is a traditional foundation shape that’s particularly common in regions where soil freezing is an issue. The footings beneath the walls are driven down deep enough to get past the layer that freezes in winter. The upper part of the foundation extends out beyond the footprint of the structure’s walls to provide added support. An internal floor slab is often (but not always) added to a T-shaped foundation.

As the name suggests, a slab on grade foundation is poured directly on the soil after it is properly compacted and leveled. The edges of a slab foundation are thickened by digging deeper than the center of the slab. A slab-on-grade foundation delivers strong support with a simple, affordable design, but it may not be suitable for all regions. Ground freezing and flooding are both potential problems that plain slab foundations struggle to deal with. If these situations are likely, a different foundation design would be preferred.

In its basic appearance, a raft foundation is similar to a slab on grade foundation. The differenceis that the raft foundation is designed to support the entire weight of the building rather than simply transfer it into the ground as a slab foundation does. The foundation supports the lower floors of the structure directly, while columns are constructed to transfer the load of upper floors into the foundation. A raft foundation can be further strengthened with beams or ribs to make it stiffer. Raft foundations are commonly designed for areas where the weight-bearing capacity of the soil is particularly low.

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