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Do you think of concrete primarily as a material for garages, driveways, and sidewalks? Expand your perspective! When installed and finished properly, concrete can serve as a durable, versatile, and attractive flooring material both outdoors and indoors. Worcester Concrete Services is proud to offer the finest quality concrete flooring solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Worcester.

Concrete Flooring Advantages

Those of us who tend to think of concrete as an outdoor-only material may be surprised to discover that it offers tremendous benefits when used as an indoor floor. Here are some of the key advantages:

Concrete flooring stands up to tremendous punishment, including the weight of the heaviest equipment. It can easily resist stacked equipment, parked vehicles, and even active machines like forklifts and trucks. This is why tough commercial applications (for instance, garages and warehouses) are typically the first to come to mind when thinking of concrete flooring.

It takes little work to keep a concrete floor looking like new. To maintain a protective seal around the material itself, concrete flooring needs to be sealed or waxed regularly. This should be done at three to nine-month intervals, depending on how much traffic the floor regularly gets.

As long as you keep concrete flooring free of damage — not a hard task — you can always transform its look by installing a different floor material on top of it in the future. Keep in mind that some floor surfaces require an intermediary layer between the concrete and the finished material to perform at their best.

In many renovation jobs, “installing” a concrete floor means removing existing material and refinishing the concrete subfloor that’s already present. When this is the case, you get an attractive, durable floor surface with virtually no waste, resource depletion, or carbon footprint.

When created and maintained properly, concrete does not wear out. Even in the roughest, most high-traffic commercial conditions, a concrete floor should serve without trouble for many decades.

Most people’s idea of a concrete floor is shaped by commercial or industrial examples: dull gray in color, rough in texture, bland and unappealing. The latest techniques and technologies open up many more attractive possibilities! Designers and contractors can now evoke a nearly-overwhelming array of different looks and feels in concrete.

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When you are installing newly-poured concrete, you can mix a color agent directly into the material itself. Colors can still be applied to existing concrete floors using stains, dyes, or long-lasting waterproof latex paint.

When poured, concrete can be finished with a perfectly smooth texture by professional installers. Or, if you desire a different texture for practical or aesthetic reasons, the surface of the concrete can be molded before it sets. Concrete floors can also be etched for a tile-like appearance or polished to a glossy, reflective shine.

At Worcester Concrete Services, we pride ourselves on delivering professional results, unbeatable workmanship, and the finest customer service in Worcester. No matter how big or how small the job, our experienced craftsmen will strive to give you concrete floors that exactly fulfill your requirements. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

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