Concrete Curbing in Worcester MA

Looking for an affordable, durable enhancement for your home’s landscaping? Consider concrete borders and curbing. These long-lasting upgrades will significantly improve your home in many ways.

Benefits Of Concrete Landscape Curbing

What concrete landscape curbing is, above all else, is a permanent solution to the problem of broken landscape edging. Concrete is a tremendously durable alternative to flimsier materials.

Landscape Border Installation

The job starts with ground preparation, cutting and compacting the soil to prepare it for the new curbs.


The concrete for the job is mixed on a self-contained trailer unit. The concrete used is a dry mix, which becomes something like wet sand by the time it’s ready for installation. Color can be added to the mix at this point according to the client’s specifications.


The prepared concrete is carried to the job site and fed into the extrusion machine. This produces a durable, attractive, continuous border exactly where you want it.

The installation process involves cutting away sod after removing the existing edging. Approximately nine inches of sod will be removed (measured from the outside edge).

Your curbing cannot be damaged by mower blades, allowing you to mow right up to it. That translates into faster, easier landscape maintenance with less weed-eating time.

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